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Using Spirituality in Nursing Practice

Name: Oscar Ruiz



Date: 6/21/2022









In the nursing practice, the aspect of spirituality entails elements such as having high power, living a purposeful and meaningful life, feelings of being content and having essential relationships as well as transcendence. Despite that it touches religious aspects to a little extent, it does not necessarily mean religious inclusion in nursing care. The reason is that an individual, i.e., a patient in this case might be spiritual without having to be a member of a given religion and the above elements comes into play in this case. Therefore, in this discussion, the aspect of spirituality in nursing practice will be examined as well as the tools for evaluating spirituality. The most important thing is that this aspect will be done in relation to a nursing theory representing today’s professional nursing practice as a learning outcome. The evaluation will be addressed by looking at the prevailing information and then picking out the valuable information.

Utilization of spirituality in the nursing practice

According to Harrad Rachel et. al., in 2019, the utilization of spirituality in nursing practice forms a vital portion of the role that a nurse has to play and may also be regarded as spiritual well-being which has essential implications for a patient’s well-being and health. As such, the spiritual needs of a patient have to be acknowledged as a vital portion of the nursing assessment and care and due to this case, it determines the outcome of the concerned patient. Also, internationally, there exists a growing emphasis on the importance that meeting the spiritual needs of the patient has on the outcome of the patients. As an example, it has aided in enhancing tolerance to physical and emotional demands of the patients, decreasing pain and stress and also deal with negative emotions, and lowering depression and instances of suicide. Using spirituality in nursing also leads to increased satisfaction on the side of the patients. The utilization of spirituality in nursing is also consistent with the role that nurses have to play as a multifaceted one, incorporating physical and psychological as well as social requirements of a patient and also focusing on holistic care.

Tools used in evaluating spirituality

Various tools exist for evaluating spirituality and among them is the Spirituality and Spiritual Maintenance Rating Gauge. It is a device that has been established for assessing the patient’s and nurse’s values and beliefs regarding spirituality as well as spiritual care. The other essential tools include the HOPE questions as well as the Open Invite which are all used for offering efficient ways of eliciting thoughts of the patients concerning the application of spirituality in nursing practice.

The nursing theory represents the current professional practice in nursing

In relation to the utilization of spirituality in nursing practices, a certain nursing theory exists that represents today’s professional practice within the nursing field. The specific nursing theory is that of the patient-centered care or approach to nursing. In this theory, patients are treated by receiving healthcare not only with respect but also with dignity, (Ortiz, 2021). The patients are also involved in the process of making decisions concerning their health. The theory also relates to spirituality in nursing in that the spiritual needs of the patient being catered to will be considered.


Nursing practice is a broad concept and involves a variety of aspects and one of them which relates to this discussion is that of the using spirituality. As discussed above, it is a broad concept just like the other concepts such as Electronic Health Records among others. Just like the other concepts, spirituality in nursing has notable benefits especially increasing the satisfaction of the patients and ensuring there is a better outcome for the patients. Also, the current practices in the nursing profession relate to or are in line with this aspect of using spirituality in the nursing practice.
















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Doi: 10.23750/abm.v90i4-S.8300

Ortiz, M. R. (2021). Best Practices in Patient-Centered Care: Nursing Theory Reflections. Nursing Science Quarterly34(3), 322-327.


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