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Identify proponent, location and proposed activity or development

Identify proponent, location and proposed activity or development

Identify proponent, location and proposed activity or development
An Environmental Impact Assessment Project Paper

Group Research Project – Environmental Assessment Case Study (25% of Final Mark)
• To develop your inquiry, critical research, information analysis and synthesis skills.
• To develop your group work, problem solving and organizational skills.
• To develop your oral presentation skills.
Students will conduct a critical analysis of a major Environmental Assessment (EA) in Canada in
their Active Learning Group. Groups will identify why an EA was necessary and critique whether
the EA met best practices discussed throughout the course and from supplemental research
and readings. Groups should also identify the different stakeholders’ perception on the
development and the implications of the EA decision on regional development and
environmental management as well as on the public. Throughout the project, students should
convey a clear understanding of the EA process and best practices while utilizing a range of
resources and information. Groups should draw on EA documents, academic literature and
popular media.
This project is scaffolded into two milestones and includes a group-evaluation at the end. After
the first milestone, groups will receive constructive feedback from the instructor which they
should incorporate into their final presentation.
Each of the following milestones is to be completed in your group and submitted to the
MyLearningSpace dropbox by one group member by the indicated due date. Please see rubrics
for how marks will be earned.
Milestone #1 – Research Proposal (5% of Final Mark)
Due Date: Sunday February 6th by 11:59pm through dropbox on MyLearningSpace.
Part 1: Topic
As a group you will choose a major project where an EA was conducted. The project can fall
under any provincial jurisdiction or the Canadian Federal EA jurisdiction. Provide the link to the
EA report.
Part 2: Provide a brief research outline
Although this project is at the beginning stages and ideas will evolve and change as we work
through lecture material, determining some research ideas and ideas for critical analysis is a
good step to help organize your research and inform your group thought process. This will help
with the writing of the report and presentation. The research outline should be in bullet points
and include at least one idea for each of the following topics:
• Identify EA jurisdiction
• Identify proponent, location and proposed activity or development
• Why was an EA conducted?
• Was there any public controversy surrounding the project?
• A strength of the EA
• A weakness of the EA
Part 3: Find a minimum of 2 peer reviewed references
As a group you are required to find at least 2 peer reviewed journal articles and 1 popular
media article that can be used in your case study of the EA. You should include full citations for
these articles at the end of your outline. APA or MLA citations are fine, but pick one format and
stick with it.

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Please see rubric for how marks will be earned.
Milestone #2 – Presentation (15% of Final Mark)
Due Date: Groups will sign up for a presentation time slot on Mar. 8, Mar. 10, Mar. 15 or Mar.
Format: The format of the presentation can vary with individual group ideas but should ensure
all of the points listed in the above description and rubric are covered. If learning is in-person
each group will give a ~15-minute PowerPoint presentation, followed by ~5 minutes of
instructor and peer questions. If learning is online, groups will create a ~15-minute voiceannotated PowerPoint presentation that will be shared with the class.
Group Evaluation (5% of Final Mark)
Due Date: Same as group’s presentation due date through dropbox on MyLearningSpace
Each group must also submit the group evaluation form located on MyLearningSpace through
dropbox. If there is consensus that a group member has underperformed marks will be
adjusted accordingly.
Additionally, each group is required to critically assess their final presentation and fill out the
presentation rubric located on MyLearningSpace and submit it through dropbox.
Each group’s mark for this 5% will be based on how they grade themselves. I hope this ensures
students thoroughly read the rubric and use it to increase the quality of their presentations.
Where to find EA reports
EA reports can be downloaded from public registry websites for their associated jurisdictions.
Jurisdiction Internet Web Address (Accessed December 2021)
Alberta https://www.esar.alberta.ca/esarmain.aspx
British Columbia https://projects.eao.gov.bc.ca/
Canada http://www.acee-ceaa.gc.ca/050/index_e.cfm
Manitoba http://www.gov.mb.ca/sd/eal/registries/index.html
New Brunswick https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/elg/environment/con
and Labrador
Nova Scotia https://www.novascotia.ca/nse/ea/projects.asp
Nunavut http://www.nirb.ca/application?strP=r
Ontario https://www.ontario.ca/page/environmental-assessments
Prince Edward
Quebec https://www.ree.environnement.gouv.qc.ca/index.asp
Saskatchewan https://www.saskatchewan.ca/business/environmental-protection-andsustainability/environmental-assessment/environmental-assessmentprojects
Yukon http://www.yesab.ca/the-assessment-process/

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