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Describe your relationship and how you have served others in the past or how you might serve others in the future.

Describe your relationship and how you have served others in the past or how you might serve others in the future.

Describe your relationship and how you have served others in the past or how you might serve others in the future.
NUR 670 Discussion Being in a Place of Influence in Professional Life

NUR 670 Discussion Being in a Place of Influence in Professional Life

You are in a position of power in your professional life where you can help others succeed.
Describe your relationship and how you have served others in the past or how you might serve others in the future.
How does your response compare to the views of authority according to servant leadership, based on the textbook?
How does your response compare to the secular understanding of authority?
Being in a Position of Power in Professional Life


Journaling is an excellent tool for documenting, reflecting on, and reviewing your learning.
This method allows you to “connect the dots” and examine the relationships between and among activities, interactions, and outcomes.

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You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Week 14 Servant Leadership From a Christian Perspective: The Issue of Humility (Continued)

NUR 670 GC Week 15 Discussion Latest
Summarize your leadership practicum in relation to the seven distinct characteristics outlined in the textbook. How will you change your behavior based on this new understanding of servant leadership? What strategies did you learn that, if implemented, would allow you to actualize the servant-leadership principles in a leadership role?

NUR 670 GC Week 16 Discussion Latest
Looking back on your time with your mentor, would you consider him or her a servant leader as described by in the textbook? Explain your answer. Elaborate on what characteristics your mentor displayed most consistently. Share examples from your experience to support your response.

Historically, great debate has raged over whether nursing is a profession or an occupation.
This is critical for nurses to bear in mind for a variety of reasons.
A job or a career is an occupation, but a profession is a learned vocation or occupation that enjoys superiority and precedence within a division of work.
In general, vocations need widely disparate levels of training or education, disparate levels of ability, and widely disparate defined knowledge sets.
In summary, all occupations are professions, but not all professions are occupations (Finkelman & Kenner, 2013).

Society values professions because the services provided by professionals benefit its members.
A profession’s characteristics include the following: (1) a defined and specialized body of knowledge, (2) control and authority over training and education, (3) a credentialing system or registration to ensure competence, (4) altruistic service to society, (5) a code of ethics, (6) formal training within institutions of higher education, (7) extensive socialization to the profession, and (8) autonomy (control of professional activities) (Ellis & Hartley, 2012; Finkelman & Kenner, 2013; Rutty, 1998).

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Chapter 1 Philosophical, scientific, and nursing perspectives
3 must have a group of scholars, investigators, or researchers dedicated to advancing the profession’s knowledge in order to improve practice (Schlotfeldt, 1989).
Finally, professionals are accountable for their job to the public (Hood, 2010).
Historically, professions included those in the clergy, the law, and medicine.

Until the late twentieth century, nursing was regarded as a job rather than a vocation.
Nursing has struggled to be recognized as a profession due to the perception that many of the services provided by nurses are an extension of those supplied by wives and mothers.
Additionally, nursing has long been viewed as subordinate to medicine, and nurses have been slow to recognize and organize professional knowledge.
Additionally, nursing education is not yet standardized, and the three-tiered entry-level system into practice (diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree) that remains has hampered professionalization, as college education is not yet required.
Finally, autonomy in practice is insufficient because nursing is still heavily influenced by medicine.

On the other hand, nursing exhibits a great deal of the qualities of a profession.
Indeed, nursing has a social obligation to care for clients at various times along the health–illness continuum.
A developing body of knowledge exists, as does jurisdiction over education, altruistic service, a code of ethics, and practice registration requirements.
While the argument continues, it is possible to convincingly demonstrate that nursing is an aspirational, evolving profession (Finkelman & Kenner, 2013; Hood, 2010; Judd, Sitzman, & Davis, 2010).
For additional information on the future of nursing as a profession, see Link to Practice 1-

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